welcome to the multiverse
  • In 2024, Peter Parker asked Stephen Strange to make the world forget he was Spiderman. The spell went wrong, two other Peter Parkers joined Peter #1 to defeat their greatest villains and long story short, the multiverse was opened. Although the three Peters saved the day and the world forgot what Mysterio had revealed, the damage had been done. Beings of all kinds from across dimensions entered what has now been named Earth 2024. Meanwhile, others were whisked away to other dimensions. Earth 2024 was once again upended by events no one seemed able to control. But the world banded together, the same as it did after the Blip.

    It has been one year since the Event. Relative peace and calm has been observed throughout the world. Humans are coexisting with other inter-dimensional beings. Many governments have been restructured accordingly. In the United States of Earth, the old Avengers compound has been rebuilt as a refuge, meeting point, and base of operations for all superheroes. In these uncertain times, we need all the heroes we can get.

  • Characters of all sorts can be played: heroes, villains and those who are somewhere in between. For the purposes of this game, only (up to) 3 varients of 1 character will be allowed. Each varient must originate from a different dimension. For the time being, we will only be accepting characters that have been introduced within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including TV shows. It is entirely up to you what your portrayal of a varient will be however we do expect that characters originating from Earth 2024 be played according to canon with no major deviations.

    Please refer to the Dimensional Database and Taken List when applying.

  • To apply, you must have & do the following:
    -     A username that relates to your character with no numbers or underscores
    -     An in character friends only post
    -     An out of character screened post
    -     A dimension of origin for your character
    -     (Optional) A blurb about your character in your screened post
    -     (Optional) Your character's residence

    -     Add #grouphug to your friends list
    -     Request to join #newheadquarters
    -     Apply here!

  • Members are required to post an intro in #newheadquarters within 3 days of being added. Your introduction will count toward your activity. You will be removed without warning if you:
    -     Do not post an intro within 3 days
    -     Fail to reply to comments in your intro within 3 days of posting it

    Activity is checked from the first day to the last day of an update period.
    -     Adds will be done every Monday and Thursday at 12pm noon
    -     Removals will be done on the last Friday of each month at 12pm noon

    Activity is based on:
    -     (At least) One post in your own journal or #newheadquarters
    -     Clear evidence of interaction with other members
    -     An updated friends list by removals

  • The usual rules of roleplay apply. Our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere where we can all have fun. We understand that this is a hobby and you all have personal lives however, interaction and activity are necessary in order for the community to work and the friends page to move. As always, please do not blur the lines of in character and out of character interactions. Please respect other members and mods. As there may be adult themes in this game, please respect what others are writing and put nsfw content behind a cut with clear warnings or keep them in custom posts.

    We are always open to new ideas. Please let us know if there is something you would like to see or do within the game and we can discuss how to facilitate it.

  • If you still have questions, please refer to our FAQ page or leave us a comment on our screened post.